This Could Be Rotterdam…

Any ideas for the field trip, post them here…

The Hub Rotterdam

Things from Jon Wallis………

Here are some suggestions from my friend who used to work for Maccreanor Lavington in Rotterdam.

Tips for Rotterdam:

  1. The NAI (architecture institute) – obvious one!
  2. Museum Park – Koolhaas’ Kunstahl, plus Boijmans (NAI is right next to this as well).
  3. Witte de Witt Straat – interesting street with lots of little shops, bars, galleries, etc. – think NQ.
  4. Witte Aap – on the above street.
  5. Warung Mini – as above, good Saoto Soup (Surinam fast food).
  6. Twaalf Heren – great little bar near the back of CS on Stationsingel
  7. Locus Publicus – amazing selection of beers on Groenendaal / Slaak
  8. Toaster – bar / restaurant – think early forum on Kipstraat.
  9. If you want more gritty Rotterdam head towards the Witte de Witt and the area around the Nieuwe Binnenweg:
  10. Rotown is good for beers and music and the further along the street you head the weirder things get…
  11. Delftshaven is at the end and is very picturesque ‘dutch’ with nice little bars and restaurants.
  12. Schiehaven is also interesting – one of the old piers / havens with some interesting buildings inc. Nieutelings Scheepvart bldg and a nice restaurant / bar made from recycled containers – ‘Wine of Water’
  13. Obviosly the docks – take a trip on the Spido!
  14. Cross over the Erasmus bridge to the Kop van Zuid – lots of interesting projects and regeneration going on there – some more successful than others.

The Spido looks like a good way to explore the docs.

Things from Tim….

1/    Go to Delft! 40minute cycle ride from Rotterdam

2/    Van Nelle Factory – old industrial

3/    NAI – National Architectural Institute (close to the Kunsthalle, which we should also go see…). NAI has lectures on a Thursday night in English.

4/    Netherlands is currently trying to outlaw Halal meat, as part of a wider right wing movement aiming to get ‘Holland back for the Dutch’….

5/    North of city is considered to be the ‘dutch’ side, whilst the south side is considered to be immigrant-populated…

6/   Tim knows a flower-grower who works in the areas between Rotterdam and Delft…

7/    Associate of the practice he used to work in would probably be willing to talk to us, and potentially give us a walking tour of the city…

8/    ‘Museumnacht’ is where museums are open all night and you can drink beer. Its on twice a year, we should check if its on when we’re there…

9/    An amazing street we should definitely go down, called ‘S’gvendijkval’

10/    The sustainable nightclub is called ‘Club Watt’….other clubs are on Nieuwe Binnenweg…

Crowd-sourcing Good Things via facebookHERE


Hello… I mentioned to Martha the other day something in Utrecht that might be of interest for your studio visit if you have the time which is Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory.  They are artists/ curators who hold exhibitions, symposia, events as well as host projects which tend to engage urban aspects, public realm… etc.

They are not doing anything directly related to food production at the moment, but I think it could be interesting as a way to start thinking about critical, cultural aspects of spatial proposals.  (Their online project archive is quite good, as you can search by theme…)
One of their latest projects is the “Grand Domestic Revolution” (following Dolores Hayden’s amazing book from the 80’s), if you have the chance to see this please take some notes and pictures for me!

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