1/    Live Project 07 – Incredible Edible / Growing (in) Todmorden

2/    TED Channel – Food Matters

  • A list of all TED talks relating to food or food-related issues can be found here.
  • Michael Pollan‘s talk in particular deals with Permaculture as an attitude to ecology and our relationship with the planet
  • Jonathan Drori‘s talk on the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership introduces the vast storage project, along with the opportunities for restoration and knowledge sharing.
  • Paul Stamets‘s talk provides an interesting introduction to various applications of myco (fungal and mushroom) technology.

3/ Week One – Feeding the City: production, processes, distribution & consumption

4/ Food-itecture Blog 

5/ Essential Urbanism Blog

6/ Ecocentric Blog

7/ Edible Geography Blog

8/  Visit to Arthur Willis Environment Center

For video, please see Sam.

9/ The Future of Rotterdam? – World Capital of CO2 free energy or Atlantis?

10/ Studio Review Presentation – 02_12_2011


11/    Aerial Photograph of Rotterdam


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