BPF Rotterdam

BPF [Bioprocess Pilot Facility] Rotterdam
by Robert Bennell, y6

As a response to several current global risk increasing trends, including population growth, the rise of globalisation and geopolitics, and the pursuit of ‘just-in-time’ business models, this project aims to ensure greater resilience in the European food system through the manipulation of economic, social and resource flows within the context of the port of Rotterdam. In doing so it is intended to simultaneously advance and promote knowledge essential to the early stages of a transition to a sustainable bio-based economy.

This is to be achieved through the application of industrial ecology principles, central to which is the creation of value from ‘waste’. The first phase of this process involves is the proposal of an experimental, industrial scale, pilot facility for the production, processing and analysis of algal and bacterial biomass for protein and hydrocarbon extraction. It is intended that the facility will become a demonstrator and test bed, with the potential to act as a catalyst for change both within the port, and the wider context of The Netherlands and European Union.


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