Here you’ll find the 12 projects included in Studio 7 Cultivate from the Sheffield School of Architecture. The studio includes year 6, year 5 and MAAD students.


Photobioreactor Experience - Robert Bennell
BPF Rotterdam Robert Bennell (y6)
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

Kite Eye Perspective
Cultivating HeijplaatSam Brown (y6)
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

The House of EnfieldKate Jackson (y6)
London – United Kingdom

The Growing Office Market –  James Marrinan (y5)
Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Boskoop Table – Catherine Tucknutt (y5)
Boskoop – the Netherlands

Regeneration of Sheffield Castle MarketHuiyan Liu (MAAD)
Sheffield – United Kingdom

Cultivating RelationshipsJo Daniel Storengen (y5 Erasmus)
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

System & Strategy
Vertical Farm in Manchester – Liu Liwei (MAAD)
Manchester – United Kingdom

Cultivating on the Move – Zhai Dawei (MAAD)
Manchester – United Kingdom


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