Nature operates according to a system of nutrients and metabolisms in which there is no such thing as waste.’  McDonough & Braungart, Cradle to Cradle

Today, no city lives within its own means. Instead, they rely on a network of global distribution systems to feed their ever-increasing nutrient and resource needs. These same systems are then used to relieve cities of their ‘waste’. As our cities grow, the pressures on these systems, and the natural environment, will only increase.

Studio 7 will explore the relationship between food and the city. The group will question the existing linear processes of production and develop strategies for cultivating ecological closed-loop systems, which eliminate the notion of waste and move towards a low-carbon future.

Studio 7 will explore alternatives to current models of living, producing and consuming in cities and reconsider their relationship to the hinterlands that feed them. In doing this, the studio will look to cultivate habitats, economies, communities and social capital.

The studio will be based at the heart of the existing supply network, at the gateway to Europe – Rotterdam. As the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is connected into a massive rail, road, air and inland waterway distribution system, which extends throughout mainland Europe.


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