Work today has been on developing the narratives that I mentioned earlier….

I used Wim – one of the 16-18 year old residents at Nico’s House – to curate my tech report, and so Ive continued with him…

Ive written the narrative in quite a bit of depth as I think its in keeping with my project (stories, Nico as a ‘storyteller’, yadda yadda…), and Ive found it helpful to get me thinking through the detail. Ive listed the sketched out the spaces I mention in the narrative  in my sketch book, and then Im beginning to place them on my site…documenting the process by which I make decisions on the sheet below. Wim’s day starts in the existing buildings, and so Ive started there. Im aware that its still keeping me from jumping into the big unknown bit of my building, but I think I need to do this bit first, if only to understand where things intersect with the main hostel building.

The second sheet is a snapshot from CAD of my planning work from today…I’ve almost worked out the bit of the building that teh 16-18 year old residents live in.