Here’s some of the work/ideas i’ve been exploring over Easter. Beginning with the locust life cycle, I wanted to clearly define the growth stages, inputs and outputs as this will inform the farming practice of the pods, particularly looking at ways to re-use waste and farm the locusts in the most efficient way. Alongside this is a quick anatomical type drawing of a locust, exploring ideas such as noise implications, CO2 discharge etc. This sheet isn’t quite finished, I’ll post it up once it’s done. I’ve then been working these ideas back into the design aiming for a closed loop system.

Then moving on to explore the social and spatial assembleges. The social aimed to tie down every type of user, business or employee that could have an input/influence on the space.  These needs then directly influence the spatial assemblage, setting a basic brief for the farms spatial requirements. Using this information i’ve been exploring the overall design of the scheme, mainly in section (if I can find a scanner/photograph it, I’ll post an image up). The aim is to develop an overall section/axo then begin to overlay the different ‘users’ and their exploration of the building. So for example, the sceptic, how far would they come into the space, what impression can the building make in the initial space etc.

Let me know what your thoughts!