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Following on from yesterday’s start, I’ve been trying to work the model of Nico’s house into a drawing. I didn’t get very far before being distracted by the following…

I’ve also started another drawing, illustrating another set of characters – ‘Atelier DiFranci’ – who are a locally based artists studio. They initiated one of the first instances of ‘community action’ in response to the Stadshavens Rotterdam masterplan. The drawing is attempting to illustrate the action itself, as well as who is involved and how I – as a visitor – discovered and interpreted it. This drawing is simply a way to introduce Atelier DiFranci as characters in my ‘story’ (project). The drawing shown here is a bit bland and unsophisticated, but I imagine it becoming part of a bigger drawing about how many characters meet each other and build relationships – both before I become involved as an architect, and during the design process that will produce my final building.