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Initial brief drawing

I have attached a very quick drawing of my ideas for the brief and organisation of my project. I haven’t specified a ‘product’ or what might be grown in this instance but this is the kind of scenario I am interested in…….the product may still be wine, Im not sure. I thought wine would be quite interesting because it is considered a ‘luxury’ and not a commodity, it might encourage more people to become interested in the project and to raise more awareness of growing in cities. I also think because wine is all about ‘where it comes from’ and thats its main selling point, that it would make a good advert for buying locally. Finally, I think there could be an interesting angle of teaching young people to ‘drink responsibly’ and enjoy wine for its taste….rather than get wasted on white lightening down at the local park (not wishing to stereotype young people but we’ve all been there….dont deny it). There is also a really interesting model of a vineyard in London that is doing something similar: