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The guardian website is hosting a live discussion online tomorrow (Wednesday 16th November) between 2pm and 4pm, about the role of businesses in creating sustainable food systems. The discussion will address the problem of the ever-increasing population combined with the diminishing amount of available and productive land for growing food.

“Issues such as unsustainable food prices, unbalanced relationships between companies and farmers, food scarcity and significant wastage occurring at the production and consumption stages mean that we are rapidly exhausting our ecosystem. Alongside agricultural and supply chain issues, over consumption is linked to escalating health issues and necessitates a radical reshape of the entire food system.”

Click HERE for a bit more info but I thought it might be quite interesting, there’s people from companies like ‘innocent’ and ‘cafedirect’ and other ethical food producers speaking. There is also the opportunity to ask the panel of experts any burning questions you might have!