I’ve only seen a small amount of this programme, but it was something that popped into my head the other day and may be an interesting watch.


“Can Arthur Potts Dawson’s People’s Supermarket start a revolution to breathe life back into the high street and change how Britain shops for food?

The big supermarkets throw away tons of food every day. They are monopolising our high streets, squeezing the profit out of producers… and making huge profits.

Chef and eco-restaurateur Arthur Potts Dawson wants to reclaim a London high street by starting a radically different supermarket, which is owned by its customers. To keep prices low he wants them to work there for free and decide what’s on the shelves.

Armed with infinite enthusiasm and an unshakeable conviction, he is determined to succeed. But will he ever persuade busy Londoners to take a shift stacking shelves?

Can he source food as cheap as the supermarkets while still giving the farmers a fair price for their produce? And will enough local people buy into his fancy organic ideas?”