The From Garden City to Green City exhibition is on at the Garden Museum in Lambeth, London, and I managed to get down to see it this weekend. I think it would be a useful thing to see if you’re down in London, its only little and costs £3 for a student. Plus the building its in is really interesting, as a radical refurbishment of a traditional church building using large-section engineered timber construction to create a free-standing insertion in the interior that serves as the exhibition space.

There were a few useful precedent studies for urban agriculture and biodiversity in cities, which I’ll list below;

The Garden Museum website can be found here, whilst the exhibition-specific page can be found here.

1/    Highline, New York – HERE

2/    Elephant & Castle Urban Forest – HERE

3/    London’s Natural Signatures – Alan Baxter Associates (comissioned by Natural England)

4/    Garden Cities (history and evolution thereof, from Letchworth to Welwyn and beyond…)

5/    J&L Gibbons + muf – The Eastern Curve, Dalston – HERE

6/    Ed Wall – The Roaming Forest –

7/    Jane Seibre – Castlefield, Manchester

8/    ‘You Are Hungry: Edible Map of South Hackney’ – Mikey Tomkins – HERE

9/    FARM:Shop, Dalston – Something & Son – HERE

10/    Edible Bus Stop, Lambeth – City Farmers

11/    The Plant, Chicago – vertical farm combining growing space with business incubation and training centre – HERE

12/    One Brighton – Fielden Clegg Bradley – HERE

13/    Harmonia 57, Sao Paulo, Brazil – Triptyque – HERE

14/    Torre Huerta, Valencia, Spain – MRDRV

15/    Eden Bio / Tour Vegetaie de Nantes – Edouard Francois

16/    Bosco Verticale, Milan – Stefano Boeri : Vertical housing scheme with growing areas (under construction). – HERE